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Forest Nenets and Eastern Khanty of Western Siberia

The territory of the Forest Nenets and Eastern Khanty is located within the taiga region. They live mostly from a combination of small-scale reindeer herding, fishing, hunting and trapping. More recently, both groups are facing the same challenges and effects on native culture by the rapidly changing modern context of oil and gas development within their homelands.

This on-line show highlights important aspects of the everyday life and culture of the Forest Nenets and Eastern Khanty of Western Siberia. Included are some of the results of the many years of ethnographic fieldwork by Stephan Dudeck in the region, material that was thoroughly presented in his recently published monograph. » more
There is also discussion by Dudeck from an earlier seminar at the Foundation for Siberian Cultures on local initiatives for sustaining indigenous knowledge in another edited volume » more and DVD .

Everyday life of Forest Nenets

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Sacrificial ritual of Forest Nenets

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Taiga school at the Tiuitiakha river

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