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The scientific exploration of the Russian Far East by German speaking researchers in the 18th and 19th centuries

Seminar at the Foundation for Siberian Cultures, 8–11 June, 2012

Since the 18th century, researchers and scientists have traveled the peninsula of Kamchatka and other coastal regions in the Russian Far East. Many of them were of German or German-Baltic origin and had been commissioned by the Russian government to perform specific tasts. Their exhaustive descriptions and detailed reports are still considered some of the most valuable documents on the ethnography of the indigenous peoples of that part of the world. These works inform us about living conditions and particular ways of natural resource use at various times and provide us with valuable background information for current assessment from various historical, literary, ethnological and natural science perspectives. 

The most important of these works have been re-published in the series "Bibliotheca Kamtschatica" and "Bibliotheca Sibiro-pacifica" together with epilogs by well-known scholars from different fields. A number of them came together for a seminar that was held in the beginning of June 2012 at the Foundation for Siberian Cultures, in order to explore interdisciplinary topics that arose from these materials. The discussions centered around transnational science relations and the vibrant mutual knowledge transfer between the academic communities of Berlin, the Baltic countries and Saint Petersburg during those centuries. The results of this seminar will be summarized in an edited volume towards the end of 2012.

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Illustrations of landscapes and the cultures of the peoples of the Bering sea
Lithographs by Louis Choris from his work "Voyage pittoresque autour du monde ,,,", Paris 1822.
In: Marie-Theres Federhofer, Chamisso und die Wale, 2012.
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Illustrations of landscapes and the cultures of the peoples of Kamchatka
Watercolors by Friedrich Heinrich von Kittlitz
In: Erich Kasten (Hg.), Friedrich Heinrich von Kittlitz, Denkwürdigkeiten einer Reise ..., 2011.
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