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Reindeer-herders' summer camp
Traditional ecological knowledge of Koryak reindeer-herders in the Karaginski-District (Kamchatka, Russia)

Reindeer-herders are known for their broad experience and intimate knowledge in dealing with nature. Their particular way of life is well adapted to the extreme climatic conditions of the North. Without the proper transmission of their ecological knowledge and respective worldview to future generations, reindeer-herders' lives and especially those of their descendants will change irreversibly.  But there are good examples of how this indispensable knowledge is continuing to be passed on within families in the traditional way. Through these efforts, reindeer-herding – as an important branch of the traditional economy in the North – can provide future local populations reliable food and other supplies. At the same time, some  of the cultural heritage of indigenous peoples of Kamchatka is preserved as well.

The recently published DVD gives insights into the work and everyday life of Koryak reindeer-herders in northern Kamchatka during the summer.  » more
Some clips from that documentary will be shown here.

Yuri Ninvit:
Feeding the young reindeer
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Mikhail Ninvit:
Herding in summer
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Vladimir Nesterov:
Healing the hoof disease
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Lyubov Ninvit:
Traditional meals of reindeer-herders             
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