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Shamanic Worldviews in Indigenous and Western Art

A special focus of the exhibition “Shamans of Siberia”, shown at the Linden-Museum in Stuttgart (2008-09) was the dual theme: the persistence of traditional shamanic worldviews in Siberia today, and artistic transformations of shamanistic motifs beyond the north. The films show indigenous people in dialogue with the cultural heritage of their past, and contemporary interpretations of shamanic images by western artists engaged in exploratory exchange with the living cultural traditions of Siberia.

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Martin Uhrmeister
Tour through the exhibition (2009)
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Anatoly Solodyakov
Palana (2002)
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Egor Chechulin
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski (2008)
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Aleksandr Pritchin
Kovran (1999)
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Anatoly Donkan
Viechtach (2008)
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Artists from St. Petersburg and Berlin
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Thomas R. Miller
"The Shaman's journey" (2008)
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