Special events

Symposia and seminars

Within a seminar format, international scholars discuss in comparative perspective specific issues pertaining to the cultures of the peoples of Siberia. This allows indigenous traditions and experiences from many parts of the world to be used in launching initiatives and in designing learning tools that help to maintain cultural diversity. The Foundation for Siberian Cultures also hosts researchers from Russia with whom Erich Kasten has been developing ethnological materials. The results of these seminars are made publicly available through online and print editions.
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Exhibitions illustrate cultural traditions of the peoples of Siberia and help to educate and inform the broader public. At the same time such exhibitions may encourage artists — especially young ones — to further develop their work through creative dialogues between traditional, western and modern arts. Recent or current projects are presented on the web in the form of alternating photo-video shows. This provides a forum through which indigenous communities can participate and be informed about how their traditions are presented and received abroad.
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Tours by artists from Siberia

Beyond exhibitions, international tours by dance ensembles provide performers and artists the chance for useful cultural exchanges. These tours are often part of, or the result of local community cultural programs. These programs provide children and youths with important orientations towards recognizing the value of their own traditions and of  preserving them. 
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