Bicultural Education in the North 

Ways of Preserving and Enhancing Indigenous Peoples' Languages and
Traditional Knowledge

Franckesche Stiftungen zu Halle/Saale, December 13-15, 1997.
Symposium convened by Erich Kasten,
with financial support by the Volkswagen-Stiftung, Hannover.

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This symposium is about the cultural diversity of the peoples of the North, and how this can be maintained and enhanced in the future. Anthropologists and ethnolinguists – as well as educators and those involved in politics from Native communities in the North – contribute to the current state of the debate on this issue. This may give us clues and insights into both theory building and the implementation of relevant community-based educational practices. At the outset it is emphazised that indigenous needs and global responsibilities make the maintaining of cultural diversity a matter for all of us. Some contributors call attention to the need to work for adequate social, political, and economic environments, so that cultural and linguistic diversities can continue to thrive in the future. But most importantly, our view is directed to the educational process itself. These themes are further elaborated in various case studies, which focus on Siberia and the North Pacific rim but provide comparative views from other regions as well.