Besides historic manuscripts, ethnographic, video and audio recordings from various collections are displayed initially in archival listings. Already reviewed materials from these collections can be acessed through this website

A comprehensive virtual catalogue of ethnographic objects will be gradually supplemented with links to video-clips showing the full process of their fabrication and their actual use and with links to relevant historical accounts. This will be useful for local communities as well as for museologists and students in Russia and abroad for more in-depth research on these objects.
  • Manuscripts and archival materials
    Manuscripts and archival materials from the posthumous works of Johann Karl Ehrenfried Kegel: Diaries, journals, and reports from the years 1841-1847.  » more
  • Ethnographica » more
    First version of this gradually further enhanced virtual catalog
  • Audio Archiv 
    Nanai Language and Culture » mehr
    Yukaghir Language and Culture » mehr
  • DVD archive 
    Itelmen Language and Culture » more
    Even Language and Culture » more
    Koryak Language and Culture » more
    Kamchatka Peoples and Nature » more
  • Index of all recordings (in preparation)