Manuscripts and other Archival Materials

The posthumous works of Johann Karl Ehrenrfied Kegel:
Diaries, journals, and reports from the years 1841-1847.

On November 28, 2010, the collection of manuscripts was deposited by Dr. Werner Friedrich Gülden, the great-grandson of J.K.E. Kegel, in trust to the Foundation for Siberian Cultures.

  • The re-worked handwritten diary about adventures during Kegel's travels to and in Kamchatka (1841-1847). 305 pages.
  • Original diary, kept in Kamchatka. 79 pages.
  • Copies and drafts of reports to administration officers. 150 pages.
  • Folio of manuscripts in Russian. 4 sheets.
The work of J.K.E. Kegel will be published in spring 2011 as a new edition in the series Bibliotheca kamchatica by the Foundation for Siberian Cultures.  » more