Siberian Themes in Indigenous and Western Art

In addition to anthropological interpretations of indigenous worldviews and mythologies, the focus in this program will be on their contemporary representation in the fine arts, music and choreography. The Foundation for Siberian Cultures supports a range of creative exchanges between artists from Russia and those from other countries.

Treasure hunt
Landscapes and Saami mythology in new media art

Gaby Schulze
New media art

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Visual Impressions from the Tundra
and the Sea – Chukotka

Jaroslava Panáková

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Landscapes of Kamchatka – in the Form of Images and Sounds

Alexander Morawitz
Photos and improvisations with a tuned piano

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"schwimmen stop fliegen"

Anna Myga Kasten
Galerie Masterskaya alta lingua, St. Petersburg

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Shamanic worldviews in indigenous and western art 

Artists from Kamchatka, St. Petersburg, Germany and the USA 
Linden-Museum Stuttgart  

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