Photography und Music

Landscapes of Kamchatka – in the Form of Images and Sounds

Alexander Morawitz
Photos and improvisations with a tuned piano

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As a child, I often experienced landscapes in such a way that it was like hearing, within my head, associated musical themes. Even now, this old faculty of mine often resurfaces after I have experienced a landscape and seem to hear sounds that relate to it. Kamchatka, with its majestic volcanoes, marvelous plants and abundant wildlife, has become like a second home for me. My keen interest in volcanism and geomorphology have opened my eyes to aspects and beauties of Kamchatka's geography that I had never noticed before. In this sense, my photography is also grounded in the very same involvement. The music is not meant here as an illustration, but as an attempt to create soundscapes that resonate in similar ways for the listener, much like the landscape within myself.