Learning tools

In collaboration with indigenous experts, the Foundation for Siberian Cultures produces a variety of learning tools. These include documentations of the endangered languages and traditional knowledge of the peoples of the Russian Far East. The multimedia and print editions are especially designed for individual extracurricular use at home. English translations aim to stimulate interest not only in Russia itself, but also beyond, among other peoples of the North. Many of the texts are presented in linguistic transcription as well, and serve as an important source for international research in this field.

Recordings of rare dialects, often by some of the last speakers when they were still alive, document the languages of these peoples. Among the recorded themes are: life histories; tales, dances and songs; rituals and worldviews; arts and crafts; and ecological knowledge relating to sustainable resource use.

The focus is on recordings by Erich Kasten, first and foremost with Itelmens, Evens and Koryaks since the mid-1990s.

The series Languages and Cultures of the Russian Far East also contains publications by other authors on these themes. The volumes released so far deal with Even groups that live to the east of the Sea of Okhotsk and on Nanai.