The Foundation for Siberian Cultures is dedicated to maintaining cultural diversity in Siberia and the Russian Far East. The idea for the Foundation, established in 2010, emerged from many years of research among the peoples of the North and from initiatives focusing on the preservation of their cultures.

The aims of the Foundation are: The preservation of indigenous languages of the North, along with the traditional knowledge expressed in them; and the preservation and further enhancement of art and craft traditions of Northern indigenous peoples.
Learning tools and teaching materials by and for indigenous communities may help to counteract the forces bringing about the loss of cultural diversity and the dissolution of local and ethnic identities. Relevant materials have been and will be produced together with local experts using modern technologies.

Exhibitions, cultural exchanges by means of tours of artists and workshops, as well as conferences in Germany and Russia will serve to enhance mutual understandings of peoples with different cultural backgrounds and encourage valuable and productive dialogues between them.

Recent or current projects are presented on the web in the form of alternating photo-video shows.

In addition to print editions, a digital library on the world wide web provides open access to relevant scholary resources and research materials.