News  (January 2018)

The Foundation for Siberian Cultures has extended its publishing program with additional new titles. In the series Languages and Cultures of the Russian Far East, the volume Worldviews and Ritual Practice, Coastal Koryaks (Nymylans), Lesnaya, Kamchatka has been released, together with a full DVD documentary (2:25 hrs.) of the relevant video recordings.

In the recently (2017) established series, Contemporary History, a number of electronic editions have been published on the theme of Oral Histories of Survivors of the Ravensbrueck Concentration Camp.
On September 23, 2017, Erich Kasten presented and discussed films with Carolin Grosse at the German Federal Meeting of Free Alternative Schools (BFAS) in Prenzlau on the theme Learning Situations on Kamchatka for Sustaining Indigenous Languages and Local Knowledge.

The Foundation for Siberian cultures hosted a dinner for the Karlsson family from Sweden on October 13, 2017. Johnny Karlsson is the son of Helena Glowacki, a Polish survivor of the concentration camp Ravensbrueck. His two daughters, Annelie and Marianne, had earlier recorded their grandmother's memories from the time of her persecution and imprisonment, which they are now working up for publication. Their first reports were translated by Ulrich Kasten and have been released in the series Oral Histories of Survivors of the Ravensbrueck Concentration Camp.

On November 8, 2017, Erich Kasten and Tjan Zaotschnaja (Gesellschaft für bedrohte Völker, Regionalgruppe München) gave a lecture at the Evangelische Akademie Meissen in Dresden on the theme Colonialism in the North: Human-Nature Relations and the Cultural Heritage of the Peoples of Kamchatka Today.

At the conference Learning Tools and Strategies for Multilingual Endangered Language Communities, organized by Mercator/SOAS/FEL and held in Alcanena, Portugal, from October 19-21, Tjeerd De Graaf presented a paper, co-authored with Erich Kasten, with the title Strategies and Learning Tools fur Sustaining Indigenous Languages: The Work of the Foundation for Siberian Cultures.

From December 19-21, 2017, a first working meeting was held with Andrzej Dybczak from the Ethnographical Museum in Krakow, during which broad future collaboration was discussed and agreed upon. This foresees, primarily, joint research on the collection of Benedict Dybovsky, which he assembled during the second half of the 19th century in Kamchatka and is now held in Krakow.

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