News  (1/7/2013)

In January 2013, the Foundation for Siberian Cultures published the volume "Sustaining Indigenous Knowledge: Learning Tools and Community Initiatives for Preserving Endangered Languages and Local Cultural Heritage", edited by Erich Kasten and Tjeerd de Graaf  » more

The book focuses on the results of two seminars that were held at the Foundation for Siberian Cultures in October 2011 and January 2012   » more

A new book series, titled "Studies in Social and Cultural Anthropology", has been established. The first monograph in this series, "Plurale Weltinterpretationen – das Beispiel der Tyva Südsibiriens" ("Plural World Interpretations – the case of theTyvans of Southern Siberia"), by Anett Oelschlaegel, was published in February 2013.   » more

An on-line show, based on rich illustrations from this book, offers fascinating insights into the culture of the Tyvans living in southern Siberia.   » more

On March 1, 2013, at the initiative of the "Compensation Fund for the Peoples of the North," a portrait of Erich Kasten, Director of the Foundation for Siberian Cultures, along with a brief biography, was added to the gallery "Tables of Kamchatka." This was a grateful recognition of his long-standing work in Kamchatka.   » more

From March through mid-May 2013, Erich Kasten conducted fieldwork in north-eastern Kamchatka for the project "The Potential Contribution of Indigenous Knowledge to Teaching and Learning Mathematics". This international project is based at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and is funded by the National Science Foundation. Together with his colleague Aleksandra Urkachan from the "State Koryak Center for Arts & Crafts" in Palana, Kasten documented a number of specific techniques used by local craftswomen, as well as recorded information in the Koryak language. Later analysis is expected to reveal underlying indigenous mathematical concepts.   » more

In Tilichiki and Achaivaiam, Aleksandra Urkachan and Erich Kasten gave presentations and classes in the orphanage and other schools using the DVD learning tools that have been produced by the Foundation for Siberian Cultures. At the secondary school in Achaivaiam, ethno-pedagogical programs and educational materials for learning the Koryak language, which have been developed by the staff of that school, were documented and analyzed with a view toward future collaborations in this field.   » more

In early May, the Chukchi-Koryak ritual festival "Kilvei" was documented, with extensive information provided by many participants in their indigenous languages. This material will be used for the production of a DVD. It will also serve as a case study relating to "Shamanism and ritual practice," which will be a special theme dealt with by the Foundation for Siberian Cultures in 2014.  

Archive of earlier activities  » more