News  (1/1/2013)

In July 2012, the Foundation for Siberian Cultures published the book "Nanai Tales", which contains texts in Nanai language with Russian translations and with references to sound files of the spoken texts on CD and published on the internet. These texts have been collected by Tatiana Bulgakova over the past 25 years and were prepared for publication during her research visit at the Foundation for Siberian Cultures in Spring 2012. The book was published with support from the German "Society for Endangered Languages" (Gesellschaft für Bedrohte Sprachen e.V.). It is now being used in the Nanai school curriculum, where it contributes to the preservation of that endangered language.  » more

The bilingual (Itelmen-Russian) school book "Historical-Ethnographical Teaching Materials for the Itelmen language", first published in 1997, was re-published in July 2012 in a revised second edition.   » more

A new volume within the DVD series "Languages and Cultures of Indigenous Peoples in Kamchatka" has also been published. Its title is "Even clothing and Decorative Arts". » more

The Foundation for Siberian Cultures supported the art exhibition "плавать стоп летать" (swim stop fly), which was put on by Anna Myga Kasten at the gallery Masterskaya Alta Lingua in Saint Petersburg from July 8-20, 2012.  » more

Beginning in August 2012, the Foundation for Siberian Cultures has been participating in a interdisciplinary and cross-cultural research project with the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, funded by the National Science Foundation. The theme is "The Potential Contribution of Indigenous Knowledge to Teaching and Learning Mathematics." Erich Kasten has been leading the Kamchatka team, and he conducted fieldwork among the Koryaks from August 10 to October 31, 2012. In December he met with other members of this international team in Sisimiut (Greenland), where they discussed the latest results from their respective areas of research.  » more

While in Kamchatka, Kasten (together with his local colleague Aleksandra Urkachan) also organized various smaller exhibitions and presentations that focused on recent results of the work of the Foundation for Siberian Cultures.  » more

During one of these exhibitions, Tjan Zaotschnaja presented the school book "Kivvechx", which was pubished in Summer 2012 in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. It results from a project on the preservation of the Itelmen language that has been supported by the Foundation for Siberian Cultures.  » mehr

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