News  (1/7/2012)

A further DVD in the series "Languages & Cultures of Indigenous Peoples in Kamchatka has appeared with the title "Traditional knowledge in the World of Koryak Fishing (Nymylans/Lesnaya), Tigil'ski district 2006-2010, Vol. 2". The accompanying booklet contains Russian and English translations of the Koryak texts.   » more

Two additional recent editions of the quarterly periodical «Ėchgan» focus on the festivals of reindeer-herding Koryaks and the Nymylans (Coastal Koryaks). These periodicals are in the Koryak and Russian languages and are used for teaching indigenous themes in Kamchatka
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The series "Bibliotheca Kamtschatica" has now been supplemented by the "Bibliotheca Sibiro-pacifica". This series will publish descriptive accounts and reports by scientists who traveled in other regions of the Russian Far East beyond Kamchatka in the 18th and 19th centuries.  » more
The first volume of this series is a work by Marie-Theres Federhofer on "Chamisso and the Whales". It contains – besides numerous illustrations by the artist Louis Choris – a wide selection of materials from Adelbert von Chamisso's research among the peoples of the Bering Sea.   » more

A particular focus of the Foundation for Siberian Cultures' activities during the past half year has been holding several seminars at the Foundation, and preparing forthcoming book publications based on the results of those seminars.

A second workshop on the theme "Preserving endangered languages and local knowledge: Learning tools and community initiatives in cross-cultural discussion" was held from January 5-8, 2012.  » more

From January 10-24, 2012,Tatiana Bulgakova stayed for a research visit at the Foundation for Siberian Cultures. T. Bulgakova is an expert on Nanai language and culture and teaches at the Herzen institute in Saint Petersburg. » more
Together with Erich Kasten and Michael Dürr, many of her extensive and rare audio recordings on the Nanai language were been digitized and prepared for long-term archival storage.  » more
From these materials an initial text collection with linked audio files has been published. This is intended primarily as a teaching resource within the indigenous curriculum in the Khabarovsk region.   » more
The project was supported by the "Gesellschaft für Bedrohte Sprachen e.V." [Society for Endangered Languages].  » more

From June 8-11, 2012, a workshop was held on the "Scientific exploration of the Russian Far East by German speaking researchers in the 18th and 19th centuries". Priority was given to discussing interdisciplinary topics and transnational science relations between Berlin, the Baltic countries and Saint Petersburg at that time.  » mehr

The Foundation for Siberian Cultures has been able to continue its support for the program "Itelmen language classes in Kamchatka" with help of donations from the Munich region, thanks to special efforts by Tjan Zaotschnaja.   » mehr

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