News  (1/01/2012)

Four additional volumes in the series "Bibliotheca Kamtschatica have appeared during the last six months. This means that fully half of the print- and online publications planned for this program are now accessible.  » more

The publication of the first issues of «Ėčgan» marks the launch of an important new series. This quarterly periodical (in both Koryak and Russian) serves as a teaching tool in Kamchatka and is aimed at helping to advance distinctively indigenous cultural understanding along with the Koryak language. This series is a joint effort of the Foundation for Siberian Cultures and the "State Koryak Center for Arts & Crafts" in Palana, 
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The «Ėčgan» series pays special attention to the needs and expectations of indigenous communities in Kamchatka, thereby complementing the other, more academically-oriented, book series of the Foundation.   » more

A primary focus of the Foundation's work during recent months was to prepare and to hold an in-house seminar (2-6 October) on the theme "Preserving endangered languages and local knowledge: Learning tools and community initiatives in cross-cultural discussion". In the course of this seminar, papers and video contributions for a planned edited volume and DVD were thoroughly discussed by the participants. These included: Erich Kasten (Foundation for Siberian Cultures), Alexandra Lavrillier (University of Versailles), Cecilia Odé (University of Amsterdam), Michael Dürr and Teresa Valiente (both Latin America Institute of the Free University, Berlin).  » more

The Foundation for Siberian Cultures has been able to continue its support for the program "Itelmen language classes in Kamchatka" with the help of donations from the Munich region, thanks to special efforts by Tjan Zaotschnaja.  » more

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