News  (1/7/2011)

Since establishing the Foundation's publishing branch in January 2011, the focus in recent months has been to conceive and design its program and relevant series, as well as to launch the first publications. At first, these were part of the series "Bibliotheca Kamtschatica", for which agreements had been made with the respective volume editors. Additional essays had been solicited and edited by the series editors.  » more

In April 2011, the first volume of this series was published, the descriptive accounts by Johann Karl Ehrenfried Kegel of his travels and research in Kamchatka from 1841 to 1847. 
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More volumes from this series will appear out during the second half of 2011.

In the meantime, the publishing arm of the Foundation for Siberian Cultures has established another series, "Studies in Social and Cultural Anthropology", which will concentrate above all on academic monographs by international scholars. These volumes will be peer-reviewed by an international editorial board. This series complements the historical works of the "Bibliotheka Kamtschatica" and the community-oriented and pedagogical publications of the Language & Culture DVD series.  » more

The latter goal is still the focus of the Foundation's activities, that is order to contribute to the preservation of endangered cultural heritage. With this in mind, and in collaboration with one of its partner institutions in Kamchatka, the "State Koryak Center for Arts & Crafts" in Palana, the Foundation for Siberian Cultures has decided to publish (since April 2011) the quarterly periodical «Ėchgan». It serves as a teaching tool in schools and other institutions of culture in Kamchatka and is aimed at assisting in teaching indigenous themes, such as traditional ecological knowledge and arts & crafts in conjunction with Koryak language.  » more

In January 2011, the DVD "Traditional Knowledge of Koryak Reindeer Herders, Karaginski District" was released as a new volume in the series "Koryak Language and Culture".  » more
Film clips from the DVD can be viewed in the Show on the Web (April - June 2011).  » more

During the exhibition "Der Traum vom Fliegen – The Art of Flying" in the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin (3.3.- 8.05.2011) the Foundation for Siberian Cultures displayed items from its ethnographic and art collections and showed video films from its archives.  » more

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