News  (1 July 2010)

From May 15 to 21, Erich Kasten participated in a seminar on "Indigenous Peoples and the  Salmon in the Northern Pacific" at the School for Advanced Research in Santa Fe (USA). In his contribution, he emphasized and raised the question of how indigenous knowledge and wisdom can be integrated with conventional science in the sustainable management of resources. Similar concepts from other participants were discussed comparatively from a Northern Pacific perspective. The results will be published by SAR press in spring 2012.
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In March, for one of the forthcoming DVD learning tools, Erich Kasten and Aleksandra Urkachan recorded additional interviews with Koryak elders in Palana about traditional ecological knowledge with regard to fishing. Presentations were also given on the exhibition "Shamans of Siberia" and on the latest DVD "Songs and Dances of the Nymylans (Coastal Koryaks)". » more    PDF

On March 5th, a DVD on the 2009 tour through Switzerland and Germany by the Even ensemble Or'yakan and other artists was presented in Anavgai. Their contribution was publicly acknowledged by handing out copies of that DVD to the participants.

The Foundation for Siberian Cultures is a partner together with the "Gesellschaft für bedrohte Völker – Regionalgruppe München", in a project aimed at the preservation of the Itelmen language and culture in Kamchatka. On February 24th, a donation from the latter organization was handed over to representatives of this program in Kamchatka to support classes in the Itelmen language.  » more

On February 18th, 2010, a presentation was given in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski on the exhibition "Shamans of Siberia" that was held from 13.12.08 to 28.06.09 at the Linden-Museum in Stuttgart. Of special interest were films about artists from Kamchatka that had been continously shown during the exhibition.  PDF

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