News  (January 2017)

Following up on its recent new editions of significant works on the research history of the Russian Far East, the Foundation for Siberian Cultures has now released the edited volume "Auf den Spuren der modernen Sozial- und Kulturanthropologie: Die Jesup North Pacific Expedition (1897-1902) im Nordosten Sibiriens," edited by Matthias Winterschladen, Diana Ordubadi, and Dittmar Dahlmann. Additional publications on this particular period of ethnographic research in the Russian Far East are in preparation and will be released soon.

In the series "Languages and Cultures of the Russian Far East," a first text collection has been published on the Nymylans (Coastal Koryaks), who live in Lesnaya on the north-western coast of Kamchatka. Its title is: "Songs and Dances – Coastal Koryaks (Nymylans), Lesnaya, Kamchatka". The volume, edited by Erich Kasten, contains texts in the Koryak language with Russian and English translations. Together with this print- and online edition, the corresponding videofilms with subtitles are available on DVD.

During August 2016, Galina Khariutkina from the Teacher’s College in Palana (Kamchatka) stayed as a guest researcher at the Foundation for Siberian Cultures. Together with Erich Kasten, she edited existing transcriptions and translations of Koryak texts from the archive Kasten/Urkachan for publication as learning tools. Additional Koryak text recordings from this archive were transcribed and translated for the first time.

At the end of that month, a workshop was held with Michael Riessler (Freiburg University) at the Foundation for Siberian Cultures. Central to its focus were strategies to coordinate mutual approaches in creating online media libraries and an Internet database on the languages and cultures of the peoples of the Russian North.

From November 16-18, 2016, Erich Kasten participated in the workshop "Gateway to the Arctic“ held at the Alfred-Wegener-Institute in Potsdam, where he presented a paper titled "Creating an Open Access Database on the Languages and Cultures of the Russian North".

Since July 2016, the show "Landscapes of Kamchatka – in the Form of Images and Sounds,“ has been on our website. It provides photos and improvisations with a tuned piano by Alexander Morawitz

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