News  (July 2016)

The Foundation for Siberian Cultures has prepared further new editions of significant works on the research history of the Russian Far East. The first thorough ethnographic descriptions of this region by scientists of German and Baltic origin during the 18th and 19th centuries were already published in the series Bibliotheca Kamtschatica. More recently, particular attention has been directed to new editions of important ethnographic volumes from the early 20th century. Most of them originated in connection with the Jesup North Pacific Expedition, which was organized and funded by US institutions. The first two of these new editions have been published in the series Bibliotheca Sibiro-pacifica: Waldemar Jochelson’s comprehensive ethnography The Koryak, originally published in two volumes; and Waldemar Bogoras’s Chukchee Mythology.

In the series Languages and Cultures of the Russian Far East, two edited volumes on Tundra Yukaghir texts have been released: Il’ia Kurilov –  My Life, my Songs and Akulina Innokent'evna Struchkova: Various Tales, for the Yukaghir Children. Both volumes contain texts in the Yukaghir language with Russian and English translations, as well as sound files on CD. The volumes were edited by Cecilia Odé from the University of Amsterdam, who has conducted a number of – mainly linguistic – field projects in that area.

In the same series, Languages and Cultures of the Russian Far East, another volume edited by Tat’iana Bulgakova (Herzen University, Saint Petersburg) has been published on Nanai language and culture: Kamlaniia nanaiskikh shamanov (Nanai shamanic healing texts). The texts are in the Nanai language with Russian translations. The book is one more important result of a research project that was carried out at the Foundation for Siberian Cultures in 2012, with support from the Gesellschaft für Bedrohte Sprachen e.V.. It reviewed Tat’iana Bulgakova’s extensive audio files on earlier text recordings in the Nanai language. This volume adds to her publication Nanaiskie skazki (Nanai tales) from 2012, and to her book Nanai Shamanic Culture in Indigenous Discourse, released in 2013.

Since February 2016, the show ‟Math in Cultural Context” has been on our website. Video-clips provide insights into field research situations from that project, which was conducted from 2012 to 2015 and was funded by the National Science Foundation. In addition, there are clips from the concluding workshop, which was held at the Foundation for Siberian Cultures in October 2015.   

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