News  (July 2015)

A new topic at the Foundation for Siberian Cultures is titled Current Discourses on exchanges between people with diverse cultural histories. On the initiative of Ulrich Kasten, activities were undertaken in remembrance of the women's concentration camp at Ravensbrück. On the occasion of the anniversary of the liberation of the camp, the Foundation for Siberian Cultures hosted dinners for two groups of survivors and their descendants from Ukraine and Sweden. The Foundation will continue these important dialogues in the future.  » more

Erich Kasten published an article in the journal Kunst & Kontext (No. 09/ May 2015) on Shamanic Worldviews in Indigenous Art in the Russian Far East. Representations of shamanic motifs in the arts and traditional tales are represented and analyzed. There is discussion of continuities since earlier forms of this particular genre were first documented, along with more recent developments. The article will be available on the Internet by fall 2015.

This spring, the Foundation for Siberian Cultures published the DVD Sustaining Indigenous Knowledge, edited by Erich Kasten and Michael Dürr. It incorporates a variety of video footage demonstrating in comparative ways learning situations and pedagogical concepts that contribute to sustaining endangered languages and indigenous knowledge. The included examples are from several regions of Siberia and the Russian Far East, as well as from Peru and Papua New Guinea.  » more 
Many of the contributions originated with earlier discussions during a seminar on this topic held at the Foundation for Siberian Cultures.  » more

The Itelmen Talking Dictionary, edited by Michael Dürr and Erich Kasten, was released this summer as an online edition. The vocabulary consists of about 650 entries and sample sentences, all structured thematically, as they are spoken by the last remaining speakers of particular local variants of the Itelmen language.  » more

Archive of earlier activities  » more