News  (January 2015)

From the 12th to the18th of July, 2014, Erich Kasten took part in the workshop (Meeting NSF Elders) to the project "Math in Cultural Context" at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Since 2012, the Foundation for Siberian Cultures has been a partner in this project, which is financed by the National Science Foundation. Kasten had arranged for the participation of his long-standing collaborator Maia Lomovtseva from Kamchatka, and joined with her in presentations and discussions during the workshop. The first article about previous research on this subject in Kamchatka was published in "Sibirski sbornik" vol. 4 of the Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera) in St. Petersburg in December, 2014. » more

In addition to promoting scientific analysis of indigenous mathematical concepts in comparative perspective, the Foundation for Siberian Cultures is especially interested in sustaining this particular indigenous knowledge. Based on recordings from this project, the Foundation for Siberian Cultures will provide learning materials for indigenous communities in Kamchatka. This will enable traditional knowledge to be preserved, and, perhaps at least in part, be integrated with essential modern mathematical concepts.

Following the workshop of the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Erich Kasten participated on behalf of the Foundation for Siberian Cultures as a consultant in the film project "Chamisso's shadow," which was shot at sites in Chukotka and Kamchatka.

Kasten also spent time in Anadyr at the end of August on separate research for the Foundation for Siberian Cultures. He documented learning situations related to sustaining indigenous languages and knowledge, and to the advancement of such traditional genres as narrative tradition, song and dance.  » more
These will be published, together with additional recordings on Chukchi artistic carving, as learning tools in Chukchi, Russian, and English.

While in Anadyr, Kasten gave a presentation at the museum about the Foundation's earlier activities in Kamchatka, A few days later, he came to an agreement with the Institute of Advanced Teacher Training detailing future collaboration on these themes in Chukotka.

In September, Kasten presented the latest publications and activities of the Foundation for Siberian Cultures at the library of the Bystrinski district in Esso (Kamchatka). With Maia Lomovtseva, he documented the symbolism of patterns in Even bead-work.

At a meeting with the staff of the central Krasheninnikov library in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski in October, further collaborations were discussed. Since then, a full set of the Foundation's publications has been made available there for public use. Already during his visit in last Spring, Kasten has supplied additional books to district libraries in Kamchatka for use as learning tools in indigenous communities. The latest publications were well received. Some sections were even re-printed in newspapers serving the indigenous peoples of Kamchatka. » more

Short films by the Foundation for Siberian Cultures, in which recent initiatives and methods for sustaining endangered languages are documented, were shown in November at the Expolingua Berlin 2014 at the Russian House of Science and Culture. » more

The Foundation's latest Show of the Web presents the results of research by Stephan Dudeck among the Khanty and Forest Nenets in Western Siberia.  » more

Archive of earlier activities  » more